Chelsea Ceramic Flowers

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This collection of beautiful ceramic succulents and flowers and sea-like creatures are called “Coral”, but they should just be called “Stunning”! Each piece is handmade, and that is reflected in their exquisite detail, with each design being its on little work of art that is completely unique. 

We love using these as coffee table accent pieces, mixed in with terrariums and planters for extra color and texture amidst the foliage, or hung on the wall!

Day Includes

  • 1 x Medium Sea Polyp Yellow 
  • 1 x Medium Rose Pink
  • 1 x Mofo Green

     Product Details 

    • Material: Ceramic
    • Finish: Fully Glazed
    • Cleaning: damp cloth
    • Indoor Decoration
    Features a keyhole on the back for hanging, hanging apparatus not included