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Southern Straws Original | 3 oz.

Southern Straws Original | 3 oz.

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The best cheese straws...the best anything...start with the best ingredients! There's no skimping on using real butter, shredding the cheese daily, and of course, having a secret ingredient that only the family knows. Margaret and Neal Amos, the mother-son duo behind Southern Straws, launched their company using an old family recipe handed down through generations. 

Southern Straws cheese straws are the old-fashioned, flat, cocktail cheese straws "with a twist." Instead of long cheese straws, these cheese straws are hand-cut prior to baking to create crispy, bite-size wafers that are perfect as a bite-size serving. Pick up a box for gift giving, your next event, or simply to enjoy as a snack!

The most popular flavor, this traditional recipe features a nice kick of spice at the end and appeals to a wide range of tastes, making it the perfect flavor to have at gatherings.

3 oz This box contains one bag with 3 oz. of Original cheese straws. The 3 oz. box is ideal for snacking or to give as a small favor. Serves 1-2.